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Tree Services We Offer

We use TORO equipment for stump grinding
We use STIHL chainsaws for all our tree services

• Tree pruning of small and large limbs to Australia standards

• Trimming away from buildings, service lines and roofs etc.

• Lifting of tree canopies for access and clearance e.g. Poinciana’s

• Re-directional pruning on all trees

• Technical tree removal

• Palm cleaning

• Palm removal

• Canopy reductions only on some species

• Canopy thinning and epicormic removal to allow light, vision through

• Dead wooding of all types of trees including large gums with excessive height

• Tree felling, advanced, machine assisted, crane work (level 3)

• Tree removal in confined areas by E.W.P


• Tree removal by climber (dismantling) with ropes, rigging, speed lining, winching.

• General tree care maintenance

• Contract tree climbing and tree lopping sunshine coast

• Inspections V.T.A or Tree Assessment Reports. ( Diploma Arborist )

• ACDC license holder for poisoning of stumps, trees or unwanted weeds

• Chipping – hourly rate or quote for chipper units up to 20 inch logs

• Stump grinding services

• Land/block clearing and stumping

• Mulching services and mulch sales

• Positioning of Possum houses or Re-positioning of Birds

• Contract and Hire

• Free quotes for tree removal Sunshine Coast

• Fully insured up to $20,000,000.00

• All services compliant with AS4373 

Equipment We Use

Our Bandit Chipper makes short work off all trees

 • We have two truck/tipper and chipper combinations

• Crane truck for tree felling and log removal

• Four sets of climbing gear and three qualified climbers

• Each truck/chipper combo comes with all rigging,

winching, chainsaw, tools and safety equipment

• Two stump grinders and vehicle units

• Morbark and Bandit chipper units

• Stihl quality tree lopping equipment

• Each truck has 100m2 capacity

• Bandit and Toro stump grinders

We have Morbark Chippers for tree mulching
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sherrill tree aborist and climbing gear for tree removal